The Live Your Best Life course collection is a complete coaching toolset that teaches you how to create financial freedom by addressing and improving your vision and mindset, so you can build the life you really want.

And as a SPECIAL OFFER we’re including a free module with your purchase, Job Transitions, for you at no charge! This powerful coaching toolset walks through a complete thinking process to help you with your job transition.

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Created by Nicole Mayer, Josh Kadish, and Margene Shullaw, the program delivers wisdom, capabilities, and compassion gained from decades of successfully serving families and individuals. These award-winning advisors help you define your future, align your lifestyle with purpose, activate your plan, and sustain it long term.




What’s Included in The Program:

Live Your Best Life


Your Best Life

Understand that Your Best Life is unique to you and shouldn’t be defined by anyone else’s expectations or lived on anyone else’s terms.



Define Your Best Life. Identify your core values and activities that excite you. What are you doing or not doing to "LIVE" Your Best Life?



Let’s unpack what you value and enjoy and then create an action plan so you can incorporate them into your everyday life.



Put things into motion! Set and track goals. What do you need to do in the next 6-12 months to bring Your Best Life Score to a 10?



We need to make sure Your Best Life can be funded for as long as you live. We’ll help you find & close the financial gap!


Sound Financial Plan

Once you’ve defined what Your Best Life looks like, we’ll pull it all together and understand the trade-offs you may need to make to be able to afford and live that life for years to come.

Job Transition


What do You Really Want?

We’ll help you take a step back and explore whether you want to “live to work” or “work to live.” This module will ask questions that will help provide clarity and direction for your next move. You’ll think through the elements that make up “Your Best Life."


Planning Through Transition

How long will your money last through transition? What’s the minimum income you need at your next job? We’ll guide you in reviewing your finances, insurance plans, taxes and social security so that you can emerge a winner following transition.


Cash When You Need It

During your job transition, it's important to know where to go for cash when you need it. As you'll learn in this module, taking money from the wrong places can set you back big time! But taking money from the right places can help you extend the length of time before you need to panic.


Trimming Expenses

We’ll share our fillable Expense Worksheet so you can gain clarity about where your money goes during "Normal Life” and what you deem necessary to spend in "Transition Life." You’ll ask:
1. Do I need it?
2. Can I cut it?
3. Can I lower it?
4. Are there charges or services I can put on "pause" during my transition?


Protecting Your 401k

This is likely your biggest asset aside from your home. We’ll make sure you’re educated to make critical decisions with confidence and avoid the many financial pitfalls others make during transition.


Bumps in the Road

On our life journey, we’re bound to encounter many bumps in the road along the way. A job transition may feel like a mountain in the middle of the road and in this module we’ll help address your concerns and worries. We’ll help you be smarter, more aware, and prepared when faced with them.


Your Sound Financial Plan

Heading on a road trip without your GPS is never a good idea. Going through life without a sound financial plan isn't a good idea either. Once you know What You Want, What You've Got, and What You Need, it's time to create a financial plan that you can trust – one that reflects your values and funds Your Best Life.


Job Hunting

We’ll share our best ideas, resources, and tools on how to search for your next job.

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